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Ailsa Wood Products is very proud to work closely with Scotland's whisky industry. Now guided by the expertise and experience of parent company, Rainbridge Timber Ltd, we can continue to offer high quality and reliable products and services for both cooperages and distilleries.


Precision made wooden bungs produced from kiln-dried American poplar.

  • Tapered for a perfect fit

  • Hand selected and checked to ensure the highest quality is provided

  • Bottom size 1/8 smaller than top size

Available in an assortment of sizes from 1 7/8" to 3 1/16".

Can also be manufactured in oak if requested.


Hand-fed machinery forms our steel hoops at the desired angle of each order.

Each hoop is hand selected, inspected and measure throughout the process to ensure the highest standard, correct size and correct angle.

Produced as specified by the customer in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, widths and angles in either plain or galvanised steel.


We also offer a bespoke pallet design and manufacture service. Rainbridge Timber Ltd pride themselves in creating pallets for high value goods. We can offer pallets for all processes from filling through to storage, transport and export.

Bespoke pallet service

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